Meet Matt, Matt & Steve

Welcome to South Downs Butchery, a vibrant modern butchery, orchestrated by a team of warm, welcoming, and passionate food enthusiasts!

At the helm is Matt Everest, an artisanal butcher with a wealth of experience and a visionary approach to his craft. With nearly 7 years of dedicated involvement with Team GB Butchery, Matt has left an indelible mark through participation in butchery competitions and collaboration with the nation's finest butchers.

Immerse yourself in the essence of craftsmanship as we craft all our sausages and burgers on-site. Explore traditional flavors and savor the excitement of rotating weekly specialties such as Maple & Chilli, Marmite & Red Onion, and the exotic Spiced Mango, Lime & Coconut — just a glimpse into our palette of popular flavors."


Step into our realm, where we proudly showcase our own dry ager, elevating the flavor profile to unveil a rich, beefy, and buttery indulgence. The art of dry aging graces our signature steaks, including T-bones, cote de boeuf, sirloins, ribeyes, and rumps.


We'll work closely with local farmers to ensure that our meat will be low food miles, no more than 30 miles away from the shop. We'll also bring some native breeds of cattle into the shop such as Dexter, White Park and Highlands.

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Sustainability lies at the heart of our ethos! We're dedicated to sourcing our meat as locally as possible, with the majority coming from within a 30-mile radius of our shop. Every piece is meticulously chosen by the skilled South Downs Butchery team. Our commitment extends to eco-friendly packaging, which is not only recyclable but also freezer-friendly, complete with its own date and label.
Feel free to indulge your curiosity with any questions about our premium meats or seek expert cooking recommendations. We've cultivated a thriving community, embraced by local residents and passionate foodies alike, all eager to exchange delightful experiences and recipes.

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